2022 Poster Session Conversation Hour

The CCCC Committee on Undergraduate Research is hosting the 2022 Poster Session Conversation Hour on March 18th, 11:00 AM – 12:00 noon Eastern. Join us to visit with this year’s presenters about their undergraduate research.

You can preview their posters and watch brief video introductions to their research before the conversation hour.

Join the March 18th Conversation Hour

The conversation hour will be hosted in Gather – a video chat platform. Click here to join the event or copy/paste the event link provided below. If it’s your first time using Gather, you can click the link above at any time to learn about Gather’s features and to try a demo.

Event Link: https://app.gather.town/events/V6XYmN2TZtryK4YuTCSS
Password: Research

During the 11:00 AM – 12:00 noon (Eastern) Conversation Hour, each presenter (or team of presenters) will have their own presentation space. We’ve pre-loaded the posters, so once you enter the space, explore the two presentation rooms and stop at posters to visit with presenters. When you approach others in the space, their video will pop-up, and you’ll be able to speak with them.

We’ve asked presenters to add a “P” before their name to help identify them as presenters.

Navigating the Online Poster Session

You can use the regular web browser on your computer to access the poster session. No installation of anything extra is needed. However, you do need to use a laptop or desktop with a keyboard. Mobile devices will not work. 

Move around in the poster room: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up, down, left, and right.

Interact with a poster: Move closer to a poster. When the preview image shows up in the bottom of your screen (as illustrated in the image above), press X on your keyboard to view the poster. You can only see the poster when you are in the area immediately surrounding the poster.

Zoom in/out a poster: Once a poster is brought up on the screen, click the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the poster to Zoom in/out.

Interact with other attendees about your poster: You can hear and talk to the other attendees via video chat when they enter the private space surrounding each poster. If they are not close enough to the poster, they may not be able to see the poster. But you can still hear and talk to the undergraduate researchers and other visitors who are in the same private space.

Mute/unmute yourself: Click the mic icon on your video window in the bottom right of your screen.

Turn on/off your video: Click the camera icon on your video window in the bottom right of your screen.

2022 Undergraduate Researcher Presentations

Liz Crouse, Elon University, More than an English Education: Community Colleges and English Language Learners during COVID-19

View a PDF version of this poster

Emree Jensen, Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC), The Perils for Autistic Students within Higher Education: Addressing Ableism within Sexual Assault Prevention Courses

View a PDF version of this Poster

Stephanie Leow, Georgetown University, Types of Peer Feedback Training, the Feedback Provider, and Performance: Toward a Process/Product Perspective

View a PDF version of this poster

Christopher Longo, Goucher College, Centering Disability Justice: Writing Centers as Change Agents for their Institutions

View a PDF version of this poster

Brianna Lopez, Barry University, How Academic Identity is Linked to First-Year Students’ Ability to Effectively Write Academic Discourse

View a PDF version of this poster

Rowana Miller, University of Pennsylvania, Community and Collaborative Learning in First-Year Writing Seminars

View a PDF version of this poster

Jessica Moore, Savannah Ajlouny, Amanda Kent, and Lacey Lee, California State University, Sacramento, Finding The Right Social Media Platform: How Professionals Choose

View a PDF version of this poster

Sophie Morgan, York University, “Learn to Code”: How One Meme Reveals Coding Literacy’s Gatekeeping Powers

View a PDF version of this poster

Coleman Riggins, University of Nebraska Kearney, Gender Bias in English Academic Writing

View a PDF version of this poster

Jade Shields, Sam Houston State University, A Review of Rhetoric in Women’s Literature

View a PDF version of this poster

Kaitlyn Soto, University of California at Santa Barbara, Unsafe Passage: A Generational Story Of Vietnamese “Boat People”

View a PDF version of this poster

Ethan Voss, University of Minnesota, Distant Neighbors: First-Year Writing Instructors’ Definitions and (Mis)Conceptions of Student Writing Support (SWS)

View a PDF version of this poster