Category: Faculty Writing

  • Struggling to write…

    Ever have one of those days where organizing your office, washing dishes, and folding laundry all seem more appealing than sitting down to write? I often struggle to start writing, not because those other projects really need my attention at that very moment. Rather, starting to write means trying to commit the ideas swirling in […]

  • Creating a Synthesis Grid

    In my Kanban example, I mentioned creating a synthesis grid as a process step (or task) towards completing a literature review. A synthesis grid provides a way to compare sources. My students often find it helpful, whether they are learning to use sources in first-year writing or conducting advanced literature reviews for capstone projects, and […]

  • Zotero: My Research Tool of Choice

    I mentioned yesterday that I use Zotero to track and annotate project-related reading. Although I’ve used EverNote extensively in the past and my library offers access to RefWorks, here’s why I made the switch to Zotero: Zotero is great for collaborative projects. In addition to maintaining collections of sources for each project or research topic, […]