Category: Articles about Writing

  • Writers Write

    If writing isn’t part of your daily habits, it might be tempting to discount the merits of regular writing. Who has the time to write every day? How can writers accomplish anything if they only have 30 or 60 minutes to write? Don’t you need big chunks of time to be most effective? Many effective…

  • A Reminder about Rubrics

    Chris M. Anson, Deanna P. Dannels, Pamela Flash, and Amy L. Housley Gaffney offer a great reminder about rubrics in their new article: Anson, C. M., Dannels, D. P., Flash, P., & Housley Gaffney, A. L. (2012). Big rubrics and weird genres: The futility of using generic assessment tools across diverse instructional contexts. The Journal…

  • Prioritizing my Writing

    I’ll be writing less in this space for a few months while I’m on sabbatical and prioritizing work on my research project (a comprehensive mapping of the field of second language writing)… Watch the twitter feed for strategies and relevant articles; I’ll continue to post under @writing_faculty when I come across helpful resources or articles.